Tracey Cramond

Mindfulness Trainer & Yoga Teacher

I am an accredited mindfulness & yoga teacher working in the NHS, education and business sector. I run 8 week MBSR & Frantic World courses in non-clinical settings in groups and private sessions. I trained with Mindfulness in Schools Project to teach mindfulness in schools to both staff and teenagers. Previous to mindfulness training, I qualified as a BWY Yoga Teacher to adults and teens and Cranio-Sacral Therapist with Upledger UK.  All have a basis in deep listening to the experience via the body.   I took additional training with CPCAB and received certification in Counselling Skills.

I am listed on the Register of the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers.  This register has been set up by the leading Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations in the UK in order to provide information on teachers who have been trained and maintain their practice to the standard of the Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines, i.e. the teacher is suitably trained, committed to continuous professional development, holds appropriate insurance and receives supervision for their teaching.

What does mindfulness mean to me?

“Mindfulness wakes me up to what is unfolding in these constantly changing moments called life. Through practice, I learn to respond to an experience in a wiser and more caring way. As my awareness grows, I’m able to care for myself when I feel tender and be with others in times of need.  The world is rapidly changing and as I type this I’m sensing the mindfulness qualities of compassion, clarity and agency. This is the work of the heart and if I listen deeply and take care of this moment I can move into the next moment feeling heart-full, clear minded and open to possibilities”.

Keeping learning alive

When I’m not working/studying/practicing, I’m hanging out with my family & friends. My mindfulness practice means my connection to them is ‘real’, alive and present. Communication and connection are key in relationships and we approach this work with a sense of inviting, allowing, and kindness, all with the lightest touch. It’s amazing what unfolds when we give ourselves the space to be heard, deeply heard, and listen without judging. I’m extremely grateful for these teachings.



  • NHS Oxleas Foundation Trust – Yoga Teacher Mental Health
  • Harris Hospice Care Therapist training at St Christopher’s Hospice
  • Chartwell Unit Cancer Trust Therapist
  • Childline Schools presenter

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