Tracey Cramond

Mindfulness Trainer & Yoga Teacher

Where is your attention in this moment? Is there an awareness of your breath, your body, your mood, a sense of being right here?

Due to our life conditioning and deeply held patterns we spend most of our time on automatic pilot trying to get somewhere else; racing ahead towards the future or stuck ruminating in the past and our moments pass us by.
Mindfulness encourages us to ‘wake up’ to our relationship with this moment and what unfolds with patience and kindness is a sense of real connection and belonging.
Mindfulness at the Yoga Barn

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR 8 Week Course

We all have the resourcefulness to live mindfully but in this world of ‘doing’ we have simply forgotten how. This 8 week course allows us to move deeper into the mindfulness practices. As this process unfolds we learn to respond from a wholehearted place rather than react from old patterns of behaviour. This empowers us to shape our inner and outer world as we explore the experiences of being human.


Finding peace in a
frantic world

Mindfulness 8 Week Course

Designed for those with busy lives, we learn how to notice when we are inhabiting our two modes of mind, how to respond from a clear and calm space rather than automatically react from our habitual patterns and how to approach difficulty rather than avoid.

Learning to pay attention to what we are experiencing, moment by moment with both curiosity, friendliness and kindness.

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Training with Clear Mind Institute

training with CMI

CMI is a member of the UK Network and trains mindfulness teachers and teacher trainers. The training is offered to trainers, therapists, coaches, mentors, consultants and facilitators across all sectors of society, public and private adapting and applying ancient teachings in the modern world.
CMI are interested in bringing mindfulness to areas that might otherwise not have access to it.