Tracey Cramond

Mindfulness Trainer & Yoga Teacher

MindfulnessFinding Peace in a Frantic World is designed for those with busy lives, we learn how to notice when we are inhabiting our two modes of mind, how to respond from a clear and calm space rather than automatically react from our habitual patterns and how to approach rather than avoid difficulties. Learning to pay attention to what we are experiencing, moment by moment with both curiosity, friendliness and kindness.

After completing training with Chris Cullen from the Oxford Centre for Mindfulness, I offer this newly developed 8 week course based on the best selling book “Mindfulness – an eight week plan for finding peace in a frantic world” written by Professor Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

This course provides an excellent introduction to mindfulness practices which have been proven to help people deal more effectively with stress and anxiety. The training can help you appreciate each moment of your life more and so improve the quality of your life. The eight week course is a very practical and accessible introduction to mindfulness and involves both teaching and discussion to explore different themes of the book.


We meet each week for 90 minutes and the participants commit to undertake a home practice (between 20 and 30 minutes) six days per week for the duration of the course. This commitment gives the best chance of learning the skills required to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Location: The Yoga Barn – Keston, Bromley
Cost: £160 + FW book (early bird booking of £140)

I regularly run these courses in 8 week blocks so please contact me for availability .
Please ask about concessions and group bookings if relevant.

It is also an excellent foundation for those wishing to attend the more intensive Mindfulness for Living course.